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Which Device Is Best to Watch Livestreams?

If you love to watch livestreams, you might be wondering what device you should be using to watch them more easily. Is there a device that works better for watching your favorite livestream? Should you invest some money if you want to watch online content more easily, or is your current device just fine? Here’s what you need to know about the most popular devices and their ability or inability to watch a livestream. Laptops Laptops are incredibly common household fare in today’s era,

How to Get Social Influencers Engaged with Your Brand

Many companies struggle with getting social media influencers engaged with their brand, for a company having an engaged social influencer means having a consumer advocate who will drive customers to your brand. Thankfully, now there is a great new way to get social media influencers to create content surrounding your brand, video contests. You simply use our video platform to create contests in social media with a compelling prize which will motive potential influencers, once you have created

Steps to integrate IT into your business

Modern businesses need to take decisive and effective action to survive in today's ultra competitive world. Those that remain competitive are the organizations which are able to continuously adapt their strategies, operations and IT investments. However, with the rise of new paradigms like Big Data, cloud computing and mobility, fitting IT into the business equation is becoming more and more of a headache. For CIOs, CFOs and CEOs then, the big challenge they need to overcome is finding the

Taking Care of Your Tech Gadgets While Travelling

We all rely heavily on our tech gadgets, but even more so when we travel. Most of us pack a laptop or tablet and our smartphones when we travel and rely on them to stay in touch with our friends and family as well as to help us to plan our days. Making sure that we have packed the right adapter and charger alongside our gadgets is almost second nature. But, keeping your gadgets in good working order while you are away takes a lot more than just remembering to pack the right charger. This

How To Stay Connected While Traveling in Spain

As the heat of another sultry Spanish summer slips away, the best time of year to explore Spain is now upon us. Whether you crave the culture of Madrid, the unique character of the Catalonian capital of Barcelona, or the soothing sun of the Costa Del Sol, this traveler friendly nation has just the experience that you are looking for. While having the time of your life on an epic trip is reason enough to plan a trip to Spain, you'll want to keep in touch with home as you progress throughout

What is 3D printing?

With the prolonged economic stagnation that has plagued Main Street America in the wake of the Great Recession, it is easy to give up hope of a better future ever arriving on our shores. Indeed, the outsourcing of manufacturing to the developing world has permanently moved the mass production engines of industry to nations that can out-compete us on cost, who pay their workers a tiny fraction of what labor costs here at home. Short of allowing this nation to slowly decline to the point where living