Discharged battery, Regenerative Starting Technology!

One of the most common issues that many drivers face is a dead battery. Regenerating your battery costs more time and money. One example is carrying a battery regenerator.

Revenant B eliminates all of these difficulties. Simply connect it to your car battery and it will rejuvenate the battery on its own in 1-5 minutes.

The AI Technology

The discharge rate of a battery is proportional to its temperature. When a battery overheats, it functions poorly and discharges. Revenant B‘s AI system keeps the battery temperature stable and helps to not only regenerate but also enhance battery performance. This technology can keep it from discharging.

Operating System that manages power load

The average automotive battery life is 3-4 years, but Revenant B‘s technology is limitless. The active power operating system extends battery life by limiting the sudden electric power load caused by starting the engine, which minimizes electrode aging and reduces frequency of use. This is another of Revenant B‘s abilities.

Control by using Smartphone

Revenant B‘s connectivity with a user’s smartphone elevates it to new heights. You do not need to manually operate the engine room or batteries; instead, you may control the regeneration system with your smartphone. The user can also check the battery’s status, such as voltage and temperature. This feature allows a user to easily and comfortably check the state of his or her battery at all times.

Tracking Automobile Status and Information

Revenant B‘s final role is data logger technology. As time passes, it tracks the driver’s driving record and habits, providing pertinent feedback to the driver. You may check information on car locations, status, and malfunctions.

Revenant B is launching soon!

Revenant B, a simple installation that can enhance your daily life, is available on the world’s largest crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Search for Revenant B on Kickstarter to get it at a special Kickstarter pricing.