Sleep Tracking in Real-time

Nowadays, over two-thirds of Americans suffer from sleeplessness. Not only does the amount of time spent sleeping matter, but so does the quality of sleep. Brid.zzz uses its EEG sensor to directly detect brainwaves to determine which sleep stage the user is in. Many people use smart watches for better sleep, but Brid.zzz is far more accurate, thus outperforms a standard smart watch, which is limited to the ability to assess sleep stages based on motion recognition.

Optimizes Sleeping Pattern and improves Sleep quality

Brid.zzz can give a user an optimum sleeping plan by analyzing large amounts of sleep data. A user will be able to develop a consistent sleeping habit based on this sleeping pattern. This analysis is done according to the user’s age, gender, body type, occupation, the quantity of activity, and so on. This type of detailed process allows Brid.zzz to perform a precise analysis for the users.

Binaural Beats Technology

People in the world have different lifecycles and sleeping patterns. Some people may have more detailed stages while others have fewer. Through analyzing a user’s sleeping patterns, Brid.zzz can lead the user to his or her required sleep stage, which is done by binaural beats music. This will improve the sleeping experience for the user.

Personalized Service for every user

Most people have an irregular sleeping habits and patterns because sleeping time varies according to cases in life. Because sleeping time varies with life incidents, most people have inconsistent sleeping habits and patterns. Brid.zzz’s auto-tracking function monitors and learns the algorithm of successful sleep induction for users. It adjusts sleeping patterns on a daily basis in response to changes in living patterns and uses machine learning to provide a customized service tailored to each user.

Brid.zzz will be featured at CES 2023 in Los Angeles from Jan 5 to 8. Please visit and check out this amazing product.