Which Device Is Best to Watch Livestreams?

If you love to watch livestreams, you might be wondering what device you should be using to watch them more easily. Is there a device that works better for watching your favorite livestream? Should you invest some money if you want to watch online content more easily, or is your current device just fine? Here’s what you need to know about the most popular devices and their ability or inability to watch a livestream.


Laptops are incredibly common household fare in today’s era, which means many websites actively design for laptops. Plus, most laptops have fairly powerful specs, which means it’s actually pretty easy for them to run something as simple as a livestream.

In general, a laptop is a great option for watching a livestream. You’ll almost always be able to watch an embedded livestream, you’re likely to have enough power that it won’t lag or skip, and you can even carry a laptop with you to keep watching the livestream.


Although desktops are obviously much less portable than laptops, that hasn’t sapped their wide appeal yet. Desktops and laptops are almost always nearly identical, with the exception that desktops are typically much more powerful than laptops.

Because website designers typically design for desktops and laptops first, you really shouldn’t have any problem with watching a livestream on a desktop. You’re exchanging the portability of a laptop for the strength of a desktop, which means you can do multiple things at once, including watching a livestream.


What about tablets? This is where you might run into a problem. Tablets often run many different types of operating systems, and it can be more difficult to design for different tablet operating systems than to design for different computer operating systems.

Your best bet here will be to see whether the livestream you want to watch is available on a provider with an app, like YouTube or Twitch. If so, consider streaming through these apps, rather than through the web browser on your tablet.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are by far the most portable option of this group, which leads to a significant appeal. However, they have the same problem as tablets: different operating systems may have a difficult time reading a specific livestream.

As with tablets, it’s a good idea to look and see whether an app is available for a specific livestream. If it is, consider that app for your livestreaming needs. Also, even if it’s a little sub-par, you may also be able to run a livestream through the web browser if there’s no other option.

The Best Device for Your Favorite Livestream

So, which device should you be using for your favorite livestream? That depends on a variety of factors, which include whether you need your device to be portable and the exact livestream you’re interested in watching.

If you’re interested in a particularly interesting livestream like the OneClass livestream, you can just direct your device’s browser toward the livestream. If it plays fine, you’ll know that your device works well for your needs.

In general, you probably don’t need to buy an entirely new device just because you can’t access a livestream you really love. Today’s operating systems can often process livestreams no matter what operating system you’re using, so you can enjoy your educational or entertaining livestreams from wherever you happen to be.