Let Firefighters take some rest. FINO, the Smart Nozzle will do their work.

According to the annual report on firefighter fatalities in the United States provided by U.S Fire Administration, 275 firefighters had passed away in 2020. Since a firefighter is a job which is life-threatening and physically exhausting, number of the firefighters are decreasing day by day.

What is a Nozzle?

Nozzle is one of the most important utilised pieces of a firefighting equipment. Fire nozzle can provide a constant flow or allow firefighters to select the most appropriate flow rate and operating pressure for firefighting. A fire nozzle connects to a fire hose to deliver water or firefighting foam to extinguish a fire.

FINO, the ultimate solution for firefighters.

FINO is a brand which invented the Smart Nozzle. FINO’s patented technology allows a nozzle to remove upward torque caused when spraying the water by its unique water pressure adjusting cartridges installed in the nozzle. To help the firefighter to only manage the straight force, the smart nozzle leaves downward force only and allows for one firefighter to handle the hose. Additionally, it lessens the reaction force by roughly 30% and aids in minimizing a firefighter’s tiredness when spraying water.

Protect yourself and community from unforeseen danger.

Even if an unforeseen event only sometimes arises, you will always benefit from being prepared. Imagine having a nozzle at your house, place of employment, industry, farm, etc. There might not be firefighters available right away when you found the fire and call a fire station in an emergency, or the local fire station is too far from your place. To avoid the worst case scenario, find the closest fire hydrant and prepare a hose and FINO Smart Nozzle.

Giving this Smart Nozzle to dedicated firefighter is another way you can support and give back to your neighborhood. Your local fire station, which is experiencing a manpower shortage, will undoubtedly benefit from your donation of the nozzle, whether you do it on your own or by soliciting donations from your neighbors.

FINO’s Smart Nozzle is now available on Indiegogo!

Following a number of performance evaluations, FINO’s Smart Nozzle gained recognition for its performance at exhibitions like USA FDIC, Hannover intershutz, and 2022 Fire Expo Korea. With their prototype, they participated at these exhibitions. Additionally, they gave away their prototype products to Korean fire stations so they could evaluate the effectiveness, and the outcome was very positive.

How about protecting your health and safety at a far lesser cost than you would typically pay by being ready for an unforeseen threat? Moreover, to express to your community your sincere concern for them? For further details, go to Indiegogo and search for FINO.