Convenience with the Move of a Finger – VANZY

What if we could control all of our smart appliances with just the wave of a finger?

COX Space’s wireless wearable device, VANZY, has just launched on Kickstarter, and claims to do exactly that.

Once VANZY is strapped onto your finger, you can use it to connect to and issue commands to your devices. VANZY is the successor to another Kickstarter product, SNOWL, which successfully crowdfunded its campaign in 2021 with support from over 2,000 backers.

After taking in SNOWL users’ feedback, the COX Space team made new improvements to VANZY, such as introducing a new bar charging cradle, and upgrading the module material from plastic to fortified glass.

The bar cradle is a notable improvement from the joystick cradle of the previous version. One of the main issues with SNOWL was the laggy gesture controls, and that you couldn’t use it while it’s charging.

But VANZY has a much more ergonomic design, and the precision of the device is much better. The new bar cradle also feels much more responsive, and even lets you use VANZY while it’s charging.

This wearable device uses machine learning, letting it learn from your unique movements. There’s also 9DOF technology that lets VANZY track your finger more precisely than ever. Using up, down, left, right, forwards, or backwards motions, VANZY has a much better degree of gesture control.

VANZY’s app also lets you create custom key mapping for your very own gesture control sets. There is a wide variety of apps you can control with VANZY, and it’s all set up in a way that is very user friendly.

VANZY isn’t just a gesture mouse, though. There’s also an air mouse mode. Place your thumb across the surface of the glass, and you can use VANZY just like a conventional mouse: without the need for a desk and mousepad, of course.

With the combination of gesture mode and air mouse mode, VANZY is a great companion for your TV, smartphone, laptop, tablet – any device you can think of, so long as you can pair it with Bluetooth.

VANZY is also water resistant, so you can use it while you’re showering or cooking without worrying about damaging the device.

Give yourself a smarter level of control with VANZY. The product package for VANZY comes with the charging cradle, USB-C cable, black silicone ring, and more. You can also purchase metal ring and leather case add-ons for an additional fee.