How to Get Social Influencers Engaged with Your Brand

Many companies struggle with getting social media influencers engaged with their brand, for a company having an engaged social influencer means having a consumer advocate who will drive customers to your brand. Thankfully, now there is a great new way to get social media influencers to create content surrounding your brand, video contests. You simply use our video platform to create contests in social media with a compelling prize which will motive potential influencers, once you have created your campaign all you need to do is wait for the content to stream in.

Using a tool like easypromos takes away all the stress of running a competition and allows you to just watch while high quality content just rolls in. All of the campaign is automated and full support is provided if you need anything from easypromos. Finding influencers and those to take part in your competition is up to you but this is easy as long as your prize is compelling. You will be able to find top influencers on social media channels but you will probably already be aware of them yourself, and will be able to invite them personally to your competition. When you run a competition, it’s amazing how many people will produce quality content for you for almost free. You don’t need to put a huge amount of money into your campaign to be effective.

Many companies feel the positive effects of running a competition long after it’s been run. Not only are you working to boost your own community but you are increasing the size of it too. Having increased brand awareness will mean that you will also begin to attract more influencers naturally without having to do anything and the content produced by the competition will often help within the sales process to convince the customer to use their tablet computer to buy your product or service. Customers will become clients through increased brand loyalty from your content and your whole brand will have a halo effect of goodwill from the completion depending on how much work your put into it.

Running a competition is one of the best ways to build buzz and awareness for your brand, nothing motivates people more than the potential for free stuff. Promoting a good competition within niche channels surrounding your brand will generate strong social signals which will help to get your sales.  Excellent content will supercharge your brand and will ensure that you are recognized and seen. Running a competition like this is only just the start of a marketing revolution for your brand. Great content and great influencers are often the results of a competition, make sure that the good effects are captured by your brand. It’s so easy to start a competition, why don’t you start one now for yourself?