Enjoy comfortable and easy camping with power.

The 2022 survey discovered that camping had developed into a common, widely used leisure holiday choice. Not only were 40% of vacations spent camping, but 80% of all vacationers decided to spend some time glamping or camping. This incident demonstrates the value of camping in the hospitality and tourism industries. The sector is already valued more than $60 billion and is on track to reach $100 billion in value by 2025.

The growing interest and expansion of the current concept of camping are also being fueled by new trends in various camping experiences, such as glamping and van living. Both camping and glamping shares the same difficulty – you need an electricity to power up the camping gadgets such as lamp, speaker, coffee pot and so on. This is why a power bank, product that provides electricity, is becoming as an essential item. When choosing a power bank, it is important to check its portability, performance, and safety since it is quite expensive.

Pick Mjolnir up, be POWER FULL!

Mjolnir provides high output of 5400W. It powers everything from multiple hair dryers (did you know a hair dryer takes 16 times more electricity than TV?), welding machines and even worksite equipment for a short time. It is a very effective mobile power source that can even serve as an emergency power supply. While traditional portable power stations weigh 99lbs (45kg) in average, Mjolnir only weighs 46lbs (21kg). This provides the best portability to the users. Imagine bringing Mjolnir on a camping. You don’t have to worry if the night would be too dark. Use a coffee pot for a nice cup of coffee in a cold night. Watch a movie with your laptop and charge it if the battery is low. In winter, bring a heater and electronic blanket for a warm night. You will experience another level of camping when using electricity freely.

Lithium titanate battery is the solution for the safety.

Mjolnir is not only powerful and portable. It is also exceptionally safe. Existing products in the market normally use lithium-ion (Li-io) batteries which sometimes get overheated and catch fire, and even explode under certain conditions. However, Mjolnir utilizes lithium-titanate (LTO) battery which has no risk of explosion. Mjolnir’s battery has passed the nail penetration test – the product test which uses a nail to penetrate the battery and observe if the battery explodes or not. Lithium titanate batteries are modified lithium-ion batteries that use lithium titanate oxide instead of carbon on the surface of the anode. Compared to the carbon-applied battery, it can be charged much faster, and performs way better in low-temperature environments. It is known that the lifespan is long enough to maintain more than 90% capacity even after up to 7,000 charging cycles. Mjolnir takes half an hour to fully charge 5400W battery with 110V charger. It maintains up to 80% of its full performance in the freezing temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C).

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