Taking Care of Your Tech Gadgets While Travelling

Taking care of your tech gadgets while travelling will ensure that they stay intact and in your possession ... photo by CC user Public Domain on jeshoots.com

We all rely heavily on our tech gadgets, but even more so when we travel. Most of us pack a laptop or tablet and our smartphones when we travel and rely on them to stay in touch with our friends and family as well as to help us to plan our days.

Making sure that we have packed the right adapter and charger alongside our gadgets is almost second nature. But, keeping your gadgets in good working order while you are away takes a lot more than just remembering to pack the right charger.

This article will help you with taking care of your tech gadgets while travelling, as this is a subject that many struggle with during their adventures…

Pack them carefully

If you do pack your laptop or tablet in you hold bag it is important to protect them. You can do this to a certain extent by packing your laptop or tablet in a small bag or sleeve, but you should also wrap it in some of your clothes and pack it in-between more clothes. Make sure that it is packed well away from any liquids.

Be careful when you unpack to find and dig out your electronics first. The last thing you need is to pick a pile of clothes from your suitcase only for your tablet or laptop to drop to the floor.

Remember to turn it off before packing

This is an odd one, but you would be surprised how often people leave their tablet and laptop switched on when they put it in their case. These days, many of us normally just leave our gadgets on standby, so forget to turn them off when we travel. It is annoying to arrive in your hotel and discover that you have a flat battery.

Make sure your gadgets have good passwords and security

Before you leave upgrade your passwords and update your security software. Doing so will reduce the chances of your data being accessed should your tech gadgets be stolen.

Also, consider installing tracking software on all of your gadgets. That way should you lose your gadget or have one stolen you will be able to track it and find it. Some gadgets already have this facility built in. For example, all new Apple devices include their LoJack software. It is there but you need to set it up and activate it to get the benefit of the tracking software.

You also need to make sure that the tracking software that is included on your device is set up to work abroad. If it is not just download and activate one that does work internationally.

Invest in a battery bank

A battery bank is a good way to make sure that you never run out of power. If you want to make sure that you have an emergency power supply available for your laptop, you will need more than a mobile phone battery bank. Laptops take more power, so require a more powerful battery bank than phones do.

Getting broken gadgets repaired while on the go

If you are unlucky enough to drop your gadgets or break them in another way while travelling do not worry too much. In most parts of the world, it is quite easy to get your gadgets repaired. You can easily find an Apple repair store in Miami or another big city and often they will do simple repairs like replacing a screen while you wait.