How To Stay Connected While Traveling in Spain

Traveling in Spain includes amazing destinations, like Granada!

Traveling in Spain includes amazing destinations, like Granada!

As the heat of another sultry Spanish summer slips away, the best time of year to explore Spain is now upon us. Whether you crave the culture of Madrid, the unique character of the Catalonian capital of Barcelona, or the soothing sun of the Costa Del Sol, this traveler friendly nation has just the experience that you are looking for.

While having the time of your life on an epic trip is reason enough to plan a trip to Spain, you’ll want to keep in touch with home as you progress throughout your journey to show the folks at home what they could be experiencing for themselves, should they decide to follow in your footsteps in the future.

What follows is a guide to all the ways you can stay connected to your family and friends while exploring all the wonders that can be found throughout Spain … so let’s stop rambling and get straight to the point, yes?

Sharing Photos

The easiest and most classic way to convey your adventures in real time is to upload your pictures to photo albums on the internet. Whether you choose to do this through Facebook, a more photography-focused site like Flickr, or your own personal blog (WordPress or Blogger are easy ways to get your travel blog up on the net fast), you’ll be showing your friends, family and even interested strangers what you are up to on a daily basis, keeping them engaged, entertained and informed.

Posting Videos

While photos are often quite powerful on their own, some moments can only really be adequately conveyed via video. While Facebook has the ability to share video, those looking to hawk their creations on a more widespread platform can do so on popular sites like Youtube or Vimeo. The latter service focuses on quality, so those with DLSR’s and video editing skills will want to show off their superior chops here.

Video Phone Calls

Sharing travel images and movies doesn’t quite establish contact in the same manner that a video phone call does. When you feel the need to speak with your parents or BFF’s, video streaming services through platforms like Skype and Google Hangouts will give your loved ones the gift of your presence in the most intimate form without actually in the same room together.

But what if I run into crappy/no internet on my journey?

One of the constants of travel is that you truly have no way of being able to know what conditions will be present at your destination, be it the weather, infrastucture, or the quality of your accomodation’s wi-fi signal. Happily, when one is in Spainn there is a way of ensuring you get consistent internet wherever you go in the country. Now that we have you interested in such a device, check here to see how an AlldayInternet device works and see how you can stay connected on your next sojourn to Spain.

Bon Voyage!