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The Master Multi-Material 3D Printer – LUGO G3 – Available Now on Kickstarter

LUGO G3, the new 3D printer that’s bringing the dream of printing with truly diverse materials into reality, launched on Kickstarter this March. With unique dual-nozzle 3D printing technology, LUGO G3 lets you print with all the materials you want, while solving issues of heat, humidity, and waste for you. It even comes with its own exclusive filament, giving you more selection of 3D printing materials than ever before. Without a doubt, one of LUGO G3’s greatest features is its multi-material

What Data Does a Fleet GPS Tracker Collect?

GPS tracking technology has a wide range of uses and there is no doubt that any company which runs a fleet of vehicles should be using this tech. Fleet tracking technology offers so many benefits to businesses, from increasing safety of the drivers; helping with cost saving; increasing efficiency; improving productivity and so much more. At the core of how tracking is able to provide these benefits, is the wealth of data which the tracker is able to produce. This is the kind of data which your

The Basics Behind a Humidity Sensor

Humidity is water vapor which exists in the air, almost all air particles actually hold water, but in some cases they hold a great deal more than normal. This additional water in the air can be a result of heat arriving after a rain shower, water vapor as a result of people talking in a confined space such as car or owing to evaporation of water into a gas like state. There are a great many industries which must regulate the amount of water which is in the air in order for them to avoid issues,

How the Omax Waterjet Creates the Highest Quality Parts for the Aerospace Industry

The Aerospace industry is able to operate at such a high level of efficiency and safety primarily because of its internal operating procedures which includes their engaging the highest quality suppliers for their parts. These parts must be of the highest standards and have the strictest tolerances. Suppliers meet these needs by utilizing manufacturing tools like the Omax Waterjet which can consistently create the most exacting parts for aircraft. The Aerospace industry is one that is built

The Top Five Electronics for Travelers

When it comes time to travel there are so many different things to plan for and keep track of. In this day and age, we have the added task of choosing the best possible electronics to travel with to provide us with all the resources we may need on the road, in the water, or abroad. Different types of travel may require different gadgets, but there are also some tried and true options that I would recommend packing for all destinations. The first thing you want to remember is that all of your

How to save money when buying electronics!

Sounds like a pretty generic title? Yea, but it's true! We've got a great tip for you today on Electronics Biz. How would you like to save big time cash on a ton of electronics related products from new cell phones to TVs and everything in between! Groupon, yea you know, the pioneers of the deal-a-day revolution have created a new vertical to expand, online coupons. They leveraged their existing relationships with businesses  to offer exclusive (free) coupons to visitors to the Groupon website.

Ultimate gadgets for a technology driven home

If you like contemporary styling in your home, you’ll love some of the great hi-tech gadgets now available to remind you that you’re enjoying life in the twenty-first century. Check out a few of the best and marvel at the inventiveness and imagination that went into the creation of each one, both large and small. Living room Lighting your home has changed considerably and new, intuitive technology combined with LED light means you can now control lighting levels throughout your entire property.

The Vatican Library Will be Digitized !

The Vatican and NTT Data are taking on a massive project that will revolutionize how knowledge is conveyed and shared for future generations to come. NTT data has implemented their unique technology to digitize the priceless collection of knowledge that the Vatican Library holds to be accessible from anywhere in the world. The Vatican Library is one of the largest and most important collections of historic works of writing, manuscripts and artwork in the world. It has been one of the most

What you should know about Apple Pay

As we move towards the middle of the 2010's smartphone technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. While mobile phones were once only used to call and text people while on the go, they have now become the Swiss Army Knife of the 21st century. People center their whole lives around their phone, and often feel a profound sense of loss when they break, or get lost/stolen. This trend is set to accelerate even further in the coming years as mobile payment apps stand ready to replace your credit

What Can Google Glass do?

With the recent release of Google Glass to the general public after a period of invitation-only beta testing, techies everywhere are rejoicing, but some are understandably hesitant to part with the cash for yet another smart device.  After all, in a world with desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and smartwatches, why would having another computer be useful to the common consumer? Being the world's first true leap into the universe of augmented reality, Google Glass, after one gets past