Brace Yourselves … iOS8 Is Coming: Here’s What to Expect

iOS8 is coming to your iPhone ... how will it change your favorite Apple product? See more below!

iOS8 is coming to your iPhone … how will it change your favorite Apple product? See more below!

Next week, it won’t just be a brand spanking new iPhone that will be coming out – the system that underpins it will also be getting a total makeover. iOS 8, the new version of the operating system that allows iPhones and iPads to run in the user-friendly fashion that Apple aficionados are accustomed to makes its debut next week.

The best of this is that owners of a current Apple product won’t have to spring for a new model just to enjoy iOS8’s benefits – the operating system will be available via download. So what features can member’s of the Apple clan expect once this greatly anticipated update drops next week?

iOS8 is coming, and Electronics Biz has the scoop, so sit tight as we tell what the geniuses at Apple have come up with this time around…

iMessage – adds audio and video to texts

It seems so obivious, you wonder why nobody had thought to do this until now. It’s developments like this that the creative minds at Apple seize upon, to take a concept like allowing users to add a multimedia component (audio and/or video) to their binary conservations and make it stylish, hip and cool.

iPhone inception – app within an app integration

Ever wish you could share your Spotify playlist to your friends over WhatsApp? This possibility and many more will be possible with the iOS8 update. Before, you couldn’t sync two separate apps to allow them to work together in synergy, but this will now be possible from next week onward … developers, start your engines!

iPhotography just keeps getting better (RIP point and shoot digital cameras)

The quality of photos that the iPhone captures has gotten continually better with each new model, and with the addition of even better editing tools in the new iOS8 update, it all adds up to yet another shovelful of dirt into the rapidly filling grave of the point and shoot digital camera.

Additionally, every photo you take with this new software update will be sent to your iCloud, adding a layer of security should your iPhone stop working or get stolen.

Meet your new personal trainer/doctor – Dr. Apple

Tracking of health biometrics has been a rapidly emerging trend over the past few years, a development that the developers at Apple have been tracking themselves. As such, the new update of iOS comes with Healthkit, a new app designed to be used with a wearable health device that will be debuted in the months ahead.

This will allow the user to track their heart rate among many other significant health markers, allowing users to track the progress of their workouts, and to detect any signals that could be health-related red flags.