Awesome Tablets For Any Budget!

In the early days of the tablet, there was a perception among some people that it wasn’t entirely clear what they were for. Were they supposed to be a giant phone? Or a lightweight computer? How were you supposed to hold them? Why wouldn’t they stand up on their own?

Browsing On The Go

Now, mobile (tablet and smartphone) use is overtaking desktop computer use, and a large part of the reason is ease of operation, coupled with some truly innovative design, both in terms of hardware and the operating systems on offer. Tablets are available to suit all budgets, and the proliferation of fast Wi-Fi connections, and websites that are designed to respond to the devices visitors are using, have made browsing on the go easier than ever, whether you’re reading a newspaper, catching up on a TV series on the way to work, or having a flutter on the horses.

Tailored Apps, Fresh Content

Large screen sizes and high pixel densities all help the tablet user to enjoy high quality content, and have partially driven the trend in smartphones towards larger amounts of screen real estate. But content has also been affected by increased use of mobile devices. These days, many news sites, streaming sites and gambling sites offer users apps specific to their operating systems, for example‘s iOS app, coupled with regularly updated fresh content designed to keep mobile visitors coming back, like the same site’s daily horse race tips section.

As they always do though, prices have come down for anyone entering the tablet market. Here we’ll take a look at three of the best models on offer, both budget versions and some more pricey examples.

Amazon Fire HD 6

Available for under $100, this well-built device is great for anyone on a limited budget and great for kids, for several reasons; it’s small and manageable, it feels like it could be dropped without splintering it into tiny pieces, and it has excellent parental control functions. It runs on Android so there’s a huge world of apps awaiting. The camera’s not the best, but for the price this tablet takes some beating.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

The sub-$500 market is packed with choice, and since much of the appeal of tablets is in the screen, this Android offering from Samsung is well worth a look. The image quality is among the very best you’ll find, and processor speeds are lightning quick. Battery life is good, with around 9 hours of Wi-Fi browsing possible. The idea that it’s Samsung’s attempt at an iPad beater is confirmed by the weight – which is slightly less than that of an iPad Air!