Casino Gadgets you didn’t know existed

We’re living in a digital age where gadgets like smartphones, iPods and tablets have essentially become fashion accessories. But can these kinds of gadgets help you to make money at the casino?


Without a doubt they can, but of course using such devices would almost certainly be considered cheating by most casinos, so they’re not recommended. In any case, for information purposes only, here’s a list of gadgets that can help you to beat the house.

Weighted dice

By introducing your own, loaded dice to the game you’ll quickly even the odds up in your favor. The idea here is to subtly switch one of the dice on the table for one of your own, ‘special’ dies. Loaded dies typically have lead drilled into one side or edge, making it heavier, which means it will turn up particular numbers more often. But of course, you should know that such schemes are illegal and will almost inevitably be spotted if you try it in the casino, and the management won’t take kindly to it.

Card dispenser

This kind of gadget is actually one of the oldest ways of cheating in the casino. It was actually invented in the 1800s, and has been used by many gamblers to cheat the casino and make some big bucks. It’s basically a homemade device that you strap to your arm and cover with your coat jacket. When you need to, you can slip out an “alternative” card and dispose of one you don’t like, helping you to win at the tables.

Blackjack card counter application

The $4.99 Blackjack Card Counter application is a great device for cheaters! It keeps a running count of the cards that have been played, and allows you to choose from various methods including the HiLo method, the Hi-Opt-I, Hi-Opt-II method or the Omega II method. Note that while card counting isn’t illegal per se, using a gadget to help you do it almost certainly is in most jurisdictions.

The remote jackpotter

This is a rather crude homemade device that can be used to manipulate the inner workings of slot machines to make them ‘release’ the goodies inside. This gadget is easy to use and hide from surveillance cameras, but be warned that using it is highly illegal.

The Blackjack Beater

Unlike the app, this is an actual gadget that helps gamblers to increase the chances in winning blackjack at the casino. It’s a small, silent, vibrating device that can easily be fitted into your pocket. It requires the player to press the appropriate button each time they see a low card, high card or face card. It will then vibrate accordingly to let you know if it’s better to bet high or low, depending on the count of the cards.

Slot machine slider

This creation was designed by renowned casino cheat Gleen Carmichael, who banked on slots using a homemade device he later called the slide. Essentially, Carmichael’s slider is a spring steel and guitar wire that can be snaked into the machine via the payout chute, tripped with a microswitch. Once slide into the correct position, it’s possible to slide the wheels to suit yourself.