The Master Multi-Material 3D Printer – LUGO G3 – Available Now on Kickstarter

LUGO G3, the new 3D printer that’s bringing the dream of printing with truly diverse materials into reality, launched on Kickstarter this March.

With unique dual-nozzle 3D printing technology, LUGO G3 lets you print with all the materials you want, while solving issues of heat, humidity, and waste for you. It even comes with its own exclusive filament, giving you more selection of 3D printing materials than ever before.

Without a doubt, one of LUGO G3’s greatest features is its multi-material printing capability. Though multi-material printing is technically possible in some 3D printers, these printers come with several issues, including wasted filament and the need for dual calibration. But LUGO G3 makes multi-material printing easier than ever.

One of LUGO G3’s key technologies is its use of a tower-free purge box. 3D printer users are all too familiar with the inconveniences of the purge tower – they consume far too much time and filament, and are prone to falling over if not properly reinforced. That’s why LUGO 3D uses the never-before-seen purge box, which takes small purge pellets as a substitute for huge, a multi-layered purge tower. Just 3mm of filament goes into one purge pellet – compare that to the time and resources that goes into building a purge tower from scratch, and the opportunity for savings is endless!

Lutan – LUGO G3’s exclusive filament – is another reason LUGO G3 is turning heads. This all-rounder FFF material is made from PBT co-polymer, and has none of the issues of conventional material. Boasting outstanding heat, water, and chemical resistance, plus minimal shrinkage and outstanding adhesion, Lutan lends itself well to LUGO G3’s multi-material and dual printing characteristics.

Another great thing about LUGO G3 is its Fila-box technology. Dry filament and wet filament each produce very different prints. That’s why the Fila-box continuously blows dry air into the printer, preventing ambient humidity from affecting your print. With Lugo G3’s Fila-box, you’re getting the highest quality print, without interference from ambient conditions.

On top of all of these great features, LUGO G3’s user-friendly design is truly spectacular. For instance, the chamber is entirely encased by a cover, giving it a completely sealed design. Plus, all of the printing action takes place at the front of the printer, so you can see everything going on with your print at all times. Even maintenance is a cinch with LUGO G3, as all of the parts are modularized into groups that function intuitively, getting rid of all of those annoying maintenance costs. And to top it all off, LUGO Cura software makes settings configuration easier than ever.

LUGO G3 is available on Kickstarter, where backers of the campaign can get this innovative printer at an exclusive discount.