Online Mobile Game Design – The Do’s and Don’ts

Mobile game design should look slick, like this game...

Mobile game design should look slick, like this game…

When it comes to the designing of online mobile games, there are definitely certain characteristics that can either make or break the game. The first thing that a customer experiences when they play a game is the user interface, or the UI. It is therefore extremely important that the design of the UI makes it easy for the user to navigate their way around the game.

In an industry where we find so many different variations of games that share a similar play style, most game developers would agree that if a game has a flawed UI, players will lose patience with its faults, and move onto one that offers better value. Besides the main UI design deciding whether a game is met with success or with disdain, there are a number of slightly less obvious design flaws that should always be remembered when you set about creating your interesting and innovative game ideas.

Delayed Push Response

There is nothing more frustrating than playing a game that requires quick fingers with perfectly timed actions, only to discover that the game is basically designed to make you fail, due to the fact that your actions have a delayed response. Games that are tricky to master definitely have an added addiction-effect to them thanks to the fact that it usually leaves the player feeling like they have achieved greatness after finally beating a certain level. If the player feels that they are losing unfairly, they will definitely not hesitate to remove the game and try and find a better version.

Hiding Best Content behind a Paywall

There is nothing wrong with expecting a gamer to pay a fair amount for added content that will improve an already decent game. The problem arises when game designers feel that they should charge their customers immediately, without first proving that they can offer value for money.

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Unbalanced Content

Nothing sends gamers packing quicker than unbalanced content. A game loses all its appeal once a player feels like they can simply repeat the same strategies each time, with a guaranteed victory. If there is no challenge, there will be no urge for the gamer to return each day.