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Let Firefighters take some rest. FINO, the Smart Nozzle will do their work.

According to the annual report on firefighter fatalities in the United States provided by U.S Fire Administration, 275 firefighters had passed away in 2020. Since a firefighter is a job which is life-threatening and physically exhausting, number of the firefighters are decreasing day by day. What is a Nozzle? Nozzle is one of the most important utilised pieces of a firefighting equipment. Fire nozzle can provide a constant flow or allow firefighters to select the most appropriate flow rate and

How Much Will I Pay for Cloud Storage for My Business?

Cloud storage pricing can feel extremely complicated at the best of times. Even if you’re looking into a company that’s very transparent about their pricing and cloud storage options, someone who’s never looked into cloud storage may not know enough about the process to know how much they’re going to pay. Here are four simple questions that can help you understand how cloud storage pricing will work for your business. 1. How Much Stable Storage Are You Using? This has to do with how much

How GPS Fleet Tracking Works on Electric Vehicles

With electric and hybrid car sales rocketing, especially amongst businesses which operate large fleets, we have to readjust the way that we mange these fleets. There is of course a huge array of benefits to switching to electric vehicles for business, and cost saving is chief among them. This cost saving extends far beyond the lower cost of charging the battery versus adding fuel. In reality the trucks and cars which offer electric technology have been shown to require less by way of maintenance

How the Omax Waterjet Creates the Highest Quality Parts for the Aerospace Industry

The Aerospace industry is able to operate at such a high level of efficiency and safety primarily because of its internal operating procedures which includes their engaging the highest quality suppliers for their parts. These parts must be of the highest standards and have the strictest tolerances. Suppliers meet these needs by utilizing manufacturing tools like the Omax Waterjet which can consistently create the most exacting parts for aircraft. The Aerospace industry is one that is built

Is There an Age Limit to Get an EIN?

No matter if you’re an entrepreneur starting up your first business or you’re in charge of an estate, you may be wondering if there is an age limit in receiving an EIN. There are varying circumstances where you have to have a federal tax id number and the question may cause you to stop in your tracks if you’re unsure the age limit or restrictions. Many young people want to start their own business or company to offer a service or product to others. Learning the age limit and how to apply

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

So you're about to hunt for the best deal possible on electronics this coming weekend – which day should you target? Both days have their benefits and drawbacks, so it's important to evaluate each before making a decision on where to focus your shopping efforts. Below, we'll quickly discuss what you can expect on either day... Black Friday – the unofficial official start to the holiday shopping season Celebrated and vilified by many groups, Black Friday is equally noted for its killer

The Vatican Library Will be Digitized !

The Vatican and NTT Data are taking on a massive project that will revolutionize how knowledge is conveyed and shared for future generations to come. NTT data has implemented their unique technology to digitize the priceless collection of knowledge that the Vatican Library holds to be accessible from anywhere in the world. The Vatican Library is one of the largest and most important collections of historic works of writing, manuscripts and artwork in the world. It has been one of the most

What Can Google Glass do?

With the recent release of Google Glass to the general public after a period of invitation-only beta testing, techies everywhere are rejoicing, but some are understandably hesitant to part with the cash for yet another smart device.  After all, in a world with desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and smartwatches, why would having another computer be useful to the common consumer? Being the world's first true leap into the universe of augmented reality, Google Glass, after one gets past

The future of TVs

For years now, the defining feature of the next generation of TV's has been a sharper picture.  From flat screen LCD's, to HD televisions that have offered 720p, 1080p and now 4K in picture resolution.  While 8K is on the horizon, TV makers are beginning to exhaust the low hanging fruit on the picture sharpness front. As such, other aspects of the viewing experience are due for some massive improvements, which will be rolled out to consumers in the next several years. In this article, we will

What’s Better? iPhone or Android

These days, most people that have a cell have a smartphone that runs on the software made by one of two major players: Android and Apple.  Android is a division of Google that has a loyal group of adherents that worship the companies' internet and information savvy mindset, while the iPhone has its own group of dedicated users that cite Apple's user friendly and design centred mindset when it comes to its products. So, if you are consciously considering getting a smartphone, who do you go with?