Ultimate gadgets for a technology driven home

Ultimate gadgets like this smart fridge will make your house a better place ... photo by CC user lge on flickr

If you like contemporary styling in your home, you’ll love some of the great hi-tech gadgets now available to remind you that you’re enjoying life in the twenty-first century. Check out a few of the best and marvel at the inventiveness and imagination that went into the creation of each one, both large and small.

Living room

Lighting your home has changed considerably and new, intuitive technology combined with LED light means you can now control lighting levels throughout your entire property. The app you use will not just switch lights on and off remotely but also allow you to choose when to brighten or dim them and even what shades of color to use.

Television picture quality has improved immeasurably over the decades since it was first invented and Panasonic have a wonderful set that you can control using your cellular phone, so you can adjust settings as well as switch the TV on and off. There’s a special storage facility allowing each family member to store their favorite shows in their own personal space. Content can also be shared using Wi-Fi.


Thanks to the world’s first Wi-Fi kettle, you can lounge around on your couch and set the Firebox iKettle to boil remotely via its app. The range of iKettle skins, which serve as insulators, means you can match it to your kitchen design and the smarter technology means you can get a wake-up call on your smartphone asking if you’d like the kettle to be switched on.

Having had your early morning cup of coffee, it’s time to work out what to have for breakfast. This is where your smart LG refrigerator can help – with built-in voice recognition and webcam, it monitors its own contents and can tell you when food has passed the recommended date for consumption. There is an eight-inch screen and barcode scanner and it will also make suggestions for meals for everyone in your home.

If you set off for work and then remember you didn’t switch on the washing machine before you left, you can always use your cellphone to send instructions to your smart machine at home. Samsung have made this possible via their range of servers dedicated to laundry machines, so you can choose which wash cycle you prefer and how much power you want to use.


Blue screen viewing is not recommended in the run-up to bedtime, so why not settle down and listen to some of your favorite tracks instead? The Tempur Musica Bed will allow you to do just that via a high quality audio system that’s built in to the bedstead. This is definitely a luxury bed, with great upholstery in a range of colors and, in some cases, a built in massage unit for some additional pampering. Adjustable versions are also an option.

When it comes to digitizing your home there has simply never been so much choice. Make the most of what today’s technology has to offer and enjoy the ultimate gadgets of contemporary life.