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Sleep Tracking in Real-time

Nowadays, over two-thirds of Americans suffer from sleeplessness. Not only does the amount of time spent sleeping matter, but so does the quality of sleep. Brid.zzz uses its EEG sensor to directly detect brainwaves to determine which sleep stage the user is in. Many people use smart watches for better sleep, but Brid.zzz is far more accurate, thus outperforms a standard smart watch, which is limited to the ability to assess sleep stages based on motion recognition. Optimizes Sleeping Pattern

Discharged battery, Regenerative Starting Technology!

One of the most common issues that many drivers face is a dead battery. Regenerating your battery costs more time and money. One example is carrying a battery regenerator. Revenant B eliminates all of these difficulties. Simply connect it to your car battery and it will rejuvenate the battery on its own in 1-5 minutes. The AI Technology The discharge rate of a battery is proportional to its temperature. When a battery overheats, it functions poorly and discharges. Revenant B's AI system

Enjoy comfortable and easy camping with power.

The 2022 survey discovered that camping had developed into a common, widely used leisure holiday choice. Not only were 40% of vacations spent camping, but 80% of all vacationers decided to spend some time glamping or camping. This incident demonstrates the value of camping in the hospitality and tourism industries. The sector is already valued more than $60 billion and is on track to reach $100 billion in value by 2025. The growing interest and expansion of the current concept of camping are

Let Firefighters take some rest. FINO, the Smart Nozzle will do their work.

According to the annual report on firefighter fatalities in the United States provided by U.S Fire Administration, 275 firefighters had passed away in 2020. Since a firefighter is a job which is life-threatening and physically exhausting, number of the firefighters are decreasing day by day. What is a Nozzle? Nozzle is one of the most important utilised pieces of a firefighting equipment. Fire nozzle can provide a constant flow or allow firefighters to select the most appropriate flow rate and

Convenience with the Move of a Finger – VANZY

What if we could control all of our smart appliances with just the wave of a finger? COX Space’s wireless wearable device, VANZY, has just launched on Kickstarter, and claims to do exactly that. Once VANZY is strapped onto your finger, you can use it to connect to and issue commands to your devices. VANZY is the successor to another Kickstarter product, SNOWL, which successfully crowdfunded its campaign in 2021 with support from over 2,000 backers. After taking in SNOWL users’ feedback,

Project Your Holograms Wherever You Want with “T-GRAM,” Launching on Kickstarter this June

Get the hologram technologies of the future today and bring your interior space to life. The professional hologram brand “Hellogram (Atechnet, INC.)”, is launching “T-GRAM,” the display technology that lets anyone and everyone project their own holograms, this June on Kickstarter. Holograms have become more and more common at concerts and other big events all around the world. And now, there’s a product that lets our very homes be the stage for this innovative technology. T-GRAM

The Master Multi-Material 3D Printer – LUGO G3 – Available Now on Kickstarter

LUGO G3, the new 3D printer that’s bringing the dream of printing with truly diverse materials into reality, launched on Kickstarter this March. With unique dual-nozzle 3D printing technology, LUGO G3 lets you print with all the materials you want, while solving issues of heat, humidity, and waste for you. It even comes with its own exclusive filament, giving you more selection of 3D printing materials than ever before. Without a doubt, one of LUGO G3’s greatest features is its multi-material

How Much Will I Pay for Cloud Storage for My Business?

Cloud storage pricing can feel extremely complicated at the best of times. Even if you’re looking into a company that’s very transparent about their pricing and cloud storage options, someone who’s never looked into cloud storage may not know enough about the process to know how much they’re going to pay. Here are four simple questions that can help you understand how cloud storage pricing will work for your business. 1. How Much Stable Storage Are You Using? This has to do with how much

How GPS Fleet Tracking Works on Electric Vehicles

With electric and hybrid car sales rocketing, especially amongst businesses which operate large fleets, we have to readjust the way that we mange these fleets. There is of course a huge array of benefits to switching to electric vehicles for business, and cost saving is chief among them. This cost saving extends far beyond the lower cost of charging the battery versus adding fuel. In reality the trucks and cars which offer electric technology have been shown to require less by way of maintenance

What Data Does a Fleet GPS Tracker Collect?

GPS tracking technology has a wide range of uses and there is no doubt that any company which runs a fleet of vehicles should be using this tech. Fleet tracking technology offers so many benefits to businesses, from increasing safety of the drivers; helping with cost saving; increasing efficiency; improving productivity and so much more. At the core of how tracking is able to provide these benefits, is the wealth of data which the tracker is able to produce. This is the kind of data which your